Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Eagle Rants

So AU's newspaper has a section called Eagle Rants which is pretty much people snapping anonymously at each other through the media and desperate singles begging for hook-ups, but occasionally I come across some true genius in a rant. Three days ago "The right man in the wrong place can make all the difference." At first I read it in a gender violence context, and considered men's amazing power to check each other. It called back memories of an, admittedly very odd, conversation with some of my male friends list year to the tune of "What would you do if you knew/caught your roommate raping someone?" But if I just sit back and get over the andocentrism for a moment, the statement holds very true. The right person in the wrong place can make all the difference. But it truly requires that we not be afraid to be that right person; we have to remember to speak up (I will also immediately own up to a proclivity to speak up at all the wrong times and few of the important ones). I'm not saying I don't know that this is an overdone point, but really, people can't get caught up in the bystander effect. Look at every wrong time as opportunity to be the right person.

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