Wednesday, May 23, 2012

iPod Hallucinations

I have a habit of getting music stuck in my head. In fact, when, for a school project we weren't allowed to listen to music (or interact with any other media) for 24 hours I discovered it only prompted me to sing all the time to make up for it. Even more annoyingly, I can get a song stuck in my head having only ever heard it once. Case in point: I only ever got into Girlyman because a year after I heard them in concert I could still sing the chorus of "Reva Thereafter" perfectly. Anyway I have a sonly like that stuck in my head right now again (actually another tune I heard at a Girlyman performance) and I felt like I should share my pain with the interwebs. Brief research has led me to the knowledge that it's actually a cover of "Born at the Right Time" by Paul Simon. I think I prefer Girlyman's version, but that's probably because it's the one I heard first.

Never been lonely. Never been lied to. Never had to scuffle in fear. Nothing denied to. 

As to the title of this post, that was the headline of my first published article ever. It was about how iPods have allegedly increased "earworms" even in people who have gone deaf. Published in The TJ Chronicle in September 2007. Memories. I keep a scrapbook of all of those early articles, It's crazy to sometimes go back and read them, and then realize it wasn't really that long ago.

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