Thursday, May 31, 2012

Betrayal at the House on the Hill

Sounds like a bad horror flick, right? Wrong. It's a rather intriguing board game. I think it first wandered it's way into my life when one of my best friends' significant other gave it to him as a birthday gift. Said friend then brought it back home and a group of us played it just about constantly all of winter break. So I started going around raving about this game, and some family friends got it for me, for Valentine's Day (long story). The basic idea is that the players enter this haunted house and begin exploring, discovering new rooms each turn. At some point, a traitor reveals him or her self and the "haunt" begins. Haunts rance from zombies to werewolves to flesh-eating blobs. In theory, this game should not be nearly as fun as it is, but it is. Either the heros or the traitor win and we get into vicious replays of every tactical maneuver made by each side. Anyway it's great fun, only no one else is around now that it's summer to play with me. We are playing at church this Sunday. 

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