Saturday, May 5, 2012


I have a friend who I have been growing apart from for a while, but several recent incidents have forced me to accept that he either is or is becoming one of the most immature, self-centered, misogynistic, disrespectful individuals I know. He knows I am not thrilled with him and asked to talk, but I decided I could express myself better in a letter. I have it written, but have not given it to him yet (mostly because I never see him anymore). In the letter I said that his actions were upsetting because I knew he wasn't actually that bad of a guy, and I suppose when I write it a few weeks ago I might have believed that, but now I'm coming to know that his is really just one of the most detestable people I know. Mostly in that he has no respect for anyone but he also enjoys making people as upset as possible. If he knows something will bother someone, you better bet he does it, and a lot. Now the worst part of this is that he will be in really close proximity to us next year. Adventures. 


  1. Hopefully he'll be too busy with his own adventures to really be around that much...