Thursday, April 26, 2012

Music. Love. Happiness?

Music gets me, and I get it. I've always felt a little silly for pretty much being able to relate and get into any song I hear (well okay, I can't really "get into" classical but I definitely like it and well, there's always dubstep, but in general). But, never fear! I have discovered an explanation for this phenomenon. Perhaps because I've had such a ridiculous, rigmarole, across-the-board love-life in the last five years, I've realized I tend to frame just about everything in terms of love. Who I love, what I love, what I'm passionate about, what makes me angry because of who and what I love. Similarly, most music is framed in love. It's quite a challenge to find a song (with lyrics) that isn't about someone or something somebody loves or used to love. Reasonably, this makes sense. These are the things people are interested in. No one is going to write and perform a song about something as mundane as drinking from a solo cup....oh, whoops. But wait, Toby says "I love you, red solo cup," merely proving my point. Unconventional, yes, but love. All joking aside, it has made me a pretty equal-opportunity music lover, which perhaps makes me indiscriminate, but at least I enjoy it. 

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