Monday, October 22, 2012

Never Walk Away Angry

Let me preface this discussion with the disclaimer that I have indeed regretted fights before. I have regretted things I said to people I cared about and wished I could take them back. I have apologized.

Far to often I hear the cliché, never walk away angry. And I always thought it was kind of stupid. Most often, I've heard it in the context of loosing a loved one (or potentially losing them) and having the last words you exchanged be ones of anger. It was ridiculous to me that any person I loved that much wouldn't know it. I'm under the impression that even when I yell at my mom because I'm being a bitchy teenager she still knows I love her, but I base that assumption off the personal knowledge that when I'm being yelled at I still know I am loved.

But everything's changing. A few days ago I walked away angry, well, ok, frustrated. And was miserable the second that person was out of sight, not because I'm not confident that they know I love them, I am, but because I have no desire to be mad at them, because there is nothing more important that I love them, no argument outweighs that.

So, new policy: never walk away angry. 

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  1. I have nothing to say, but I really want to "like" this post because I wholeheartedly agree and am glad that this is a new policy that you're following.