Friday, July 6, 2012

Bombs Bursting in Air Gave Proof Through the NIght

Of all holidays, I think the Fourth of July has been one of the most interesting and eventful almost every year. I have laid under the Baker Park fireworks with family and friends, I have watched them in rain, and cried through them. The Fourth has seen me make some of the best decisions of my life and get caught in the awkwardest moments. Ironically, though, it it one of the holidays I care the least about on principle. I am not a patriot. I have never considered myself patriotic (in fact forced or unfounded patriotism is one of my biggest annoyances). I owe no allegiance to this flag or country or government. What I do owe my allegiance to are the people this country is home to. Sometimes we seem to forget what the symbol stands for, and that turns me off of the symbol. It seems to me that if we celebrated American people rather than a document written before our great-great-great grandparents were born we'd take leaps toward more united states and citizens. 

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