Wednesday, October 5, 2011


They tell me everything happens for a reason 
and I don't know if that's True. 
but I do know that everything that happens 
profoundly affects Us, 
that the people who touch our lives 
that have such a Magical gift 
are usually the people who are in that life most briefly 
a single chance to change the course of history 
to rewrite a story--for better or worse 
and we owe it to those People who 
Form our beings at the core, 
who guide us, 
or make us Think 

we Owe them our lives 

and thus we are all charged: 
to touch some Small life, 
in some Small way. 
a whisper in the Darkness 
or a shout through turmoil. 
that maybe, just Maybe 
they can know 
what we have had the Fortune to know 
and we see that it Is 
for a Reason 
very far off and indefinite 
and yet so close and defined 
that maybe, just Maybe 

we can come to Know ourselves 

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